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Our Tony Romas Story

Tony Roma’s is a full service, casual dining family restaurant where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in locations across the world. With over 150 family restaurant locations on six continents, Tony Roma’s is one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry.

Even with the retiring of Chef David Smith, our original chef, and the loss of Tony Roma; Tony Roma’s kept things cooking in the kitchen! Between the years of 2001 and 2006 Tony Roma’s began to experiment with new menu items — one dish stole the show, our Famous Kickin’ Shrimp. Things began to heat up with the introduction of Executive Chef Bob Gallagher in the year 2006. Bringing an extensive culinary background, including the ability to blend flavors from all over the world; Chef Gallagher began to bring Tony Roma’s to the forefront of polished casual restaurants.

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